Webflow {Development} for the World’s Leading Agencies

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The {Secret} Formula For Your Agency

Move into the amazing world of No Code instantly without having to learn, train, or hire.

Close the gap between visual design mocks and the final website

Dramatically shorten development time & review process

Put creativity first and create experiences without constraints

All {Method} No Madness


Bring your Figma wireframes to life with pixel-perfect accuracy.


Sick of Wordpress? Same. Let us take your site from yesterday into the future


Once you’ve made the switch, we provide on-going help for your team.

Let's get to work
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Down to a {Science}

Save yourself from experimenting and rely on our tested & proven process.

1-2 Hours

Discovery & Handoff

Together, we align on your designs and brainstorm new ideas on how to bring them to life more effectively.

1-2 Days

Project Setup

Using best practices to setup our project allows us to guarantee a smooth project throughout the rest of the project.

2-4 Weeks


Relying on industry best-practice, we bring your project to life in a pixel-perfect way.

1-2 Weeks


Get your site ready for the big stage by updating it with the latest copy and marketing materials.

1-2 Days

QA & Testing

The last 10% is what separates a good website from a great one. During the final stage we put the entire experience under a microscope.

24 Hours

Launch & Handoff

It’s time to put a bow on it. Before handing you the keys, we make sure that you, your team, and your client have everything they need to manage and update the site.

{Scientifically} Proven

“This experience has been amazing. It felt like we were a team rather than some service provider. Lab F13 absolutely nailed it.
Kevin Sandhu
{Founder, CEO - Control}
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